How to calculate your cost of changeover time or downtime of your machine
To calculate the costs of downtime of your machinery at the customer (this happens when you have a changeover)
With Spanclamps you will be able to convince your customer to select your machinery as you will reduce downtime.
The calculation of the costs of downtime:
1) Lost Labour costs = the duration of the machine downtime x the hourly pay rate of your operators
2) Products Costs = the price of a single unit product x the total of items you produce in a certain period x the machine downtime period
3) Recovery Costs = work out how much it costs you for machine reboots, energy surges, replacing and repairing parts, retrieving lost data + your other calculstions to get a more accurate machine downtime vlaue
4) Extra Costs = simply bear in mind that the value of machine downtime goes beyond profits lost during the downtown period
5) Total Costs = all the above costs + total cost of a machine downtime
- Start using SpanClamps or TurnLock to reduce your changeover time of a machine
- More than 1/2 of downtime is cased by hidden internal faults, maintenance is therefore crucial!
         - most common technical fault is overheating of particular parts
         - vibrations is a sign a machine is breaking
         - wear and tear
         - operator misuse
in the automotive industry 1 minute downtime costs 20000 euros
in the aerospace industry 1 minute downtime can cost 100 million euros