What is a Quick dismantling lock

A Quick dismantling lock spanclamp is a fast-disassembling system, including different fixing elements for panels 

The Quick dismantling lock Spanclamps provide a clear indicator ON / OFF for fast-disassembling 

The advantages of Quick dismantling lock are several, as well as convenient assembling and disassembling.

Quick dismantling lock Spanclamps come in different materials and several styles for each application

Quick dismantling lock Spanclamps 

Handle and clamping arm position of vertical quick clamps flanged with Adjustable handle

1. High position of handle and clamping arm

The dotted line shows the high position.

The dimension H1 means the lowest arm position and it moves up by 5mm (clamping stroke). The arm can move up a little bit more but we recommend using the clamp within the clamping stroke.

2. Handle position
When you turn the handle, the clamping arm rotates synchronously.

The handle position of open condition can not be decided because it depends on the handle position of close (clamping) condition. You can change the handle position in both conditions.

See example in this video:

Modifications of spanclamp quarter turn body's material

I am writing this bllog to inform you of the modification of some of Spanclamps quarter turns.  

We decided to modify these products to improve the product quality.
There will be no changes in the product numbers with this modification change.
The obsolete products will be switching to substitute products after using up all stocks.

Part number concerned


Specification changes

Spanclamps Clamping force 0.5mm deeper installation of Ball Locking Receptacles.

it is shown that there is a limited guaranteed clamping force of 30N which is 3kg or 50 N which is 5Kg,  this is done by the balls that push against the side of the receptacle.

The product is made so that that the fastener makes sure that both panels are fully connected to each other, and will not wabble.

This is accomplished, by installing the receptacle 0.5mm flush under the surface.


Application Spanclamps on tooling cutting machine

One of our customers was looking for a way to safely secure the tooling of a cutting machine while it was running. Besides that, the tooling also needs to be changed sometimes, and it has to be done in a minimum of time.

SpanClamps can meet up to those two requirements. By using SpanClamps you are sure that the tooling is safely secured, and with just a simple quarter-turn the tooling can be removed. So, changeover is reduced to a minimum.

In the designs below, you see how SpanClamps are used with this project:

Here you can see the part SCQTHD0620 used

Here you can see the receptacle SCRHDBI installed.

Introduce our new quarter turn fasteners with electrical sensor

Spanclamp ball locking quarter turn and ball locking receptacle stainless steel with electrical sensor eliminate a human error and allow assured clamping in machine changeover.
The electrical sensor receptacle detects the clamping status and sends an electric signal to LED, computer or other devices. This receptacle has a position switch inside.

Spanclamp ball locking quarter turn and clamp action sensing provide quick and secure changeover.
Ball locking receptacle stainless steel with electrical sensor exist in 2 sizes: M16 and M20.
Part number are: SCBLREM16-S and SCBLREM20-S

Half-turn fasteners

The half-turn fasteners secure almost everything very quickly and they are also called SpanClamps.
The half-turn fasteners are widely used for different purposes.

For all the needs exists a large variety of handles for half-turn fasteners.

Matching the requirements you can choose the material of half-turn fastener SpanClamps; steel , inox, plastic, etc.

According to your demands, there is a range of forces.

Half-turn fasteners  SpanClamps

You can find other half-turn fasteners here:


Do you offer locating pins?

Yes we offer locating pins, round and diamond type.

typically you need one round pin and one diamond pin.
a special tool is required to extract the pins, when installed.

round locating pins

diamond locating pins