Do you offer locating pins?

Yes we offer locating pins, round and diamond type.

typically you need one round pin and one diamond pin.
a special tool is required to extract the pins, when installed.

round locating pins

diamond locating pins








Can the receptacle SCRHDBI be made completely out of stainless steel?

The receptacle SCRHDBI cannot be made completely of stainless steel.

We can make the receptacle SCRHDBI in stainless steel but we can not change the material of the collar.
The collar prevents the balls from dropping off and the balls are pushed against the collar when clamping. 

So the collar needs high hardness and it should be made from SKS3 steel.

collar of receptacle SCRHDBI

What's the dynamic load of a spanclamp?

The shear load of a spanclamp that is shown in the catalog is always static load.

The shear strength of 3000N is the static load of part SCQTRHD0620

We do not have any data of dynamic loads because there are countless cases.

And the 3000N shear strength does not have any safety rate, the fastener can brake if it receives 3000N.


When we tested the life cycles without any loads, the fastener worked more than 30000 cycles.

We just clamped and unclamped the fastener.


These are all data we can provide to you.

We suggest testing with some pieces in the actual application to all customers.


extra note:

Please advise if you can accommodate a customize parts base on our current application

Question: I'm interested in your product. Please advise if you can accommodate a customize parts base on our current application Answer: Thank you for your request. Yes we can do modfications to our standard product. Quantity will though be required, and we would want to know the real application. Example: a Spanclamp could be used into vacuum, but then the oil that is used into the spanclamp needs to be compatible, so that the functionality of the system is guaranteed.